Video Services

Professionalism & Quality
New Vibration Media has been and continues to break new grounds in Video Production Services. Our expertise, Professionalism and experience continue to scale over our competitors. Each video production we undertake is successful through determination for high quality and client satisfaction. Each of the links on the left will navigate to page offering additional information about our wide range of video production services with options to view samples of such works. Once you’ve found a service that will benefit your particular requirements, send us a “Quote Request” or give us a call to begin or continue on a wonderful journey in the world professional video production. Note: the resolution for the provided samples has been reduced for quicker upload. If you or your company would like to view a high quality sample, please send a “Quote Request” with this requirement in the message field. Thank You for your interest in New Vibration Media and feel free to enjoy your visit to our online portfolio.

Movies | An Experience. A Story. A Memory…

Insight and Patience are usually not the first critical elements a screen writer looks for in a production crew to bring their script to life. However, these elements are what New Vibration Media brings to every shoot to ensure that every aspect, every feeling of the script is produces exactly how the writer envisions it; from a production crew that is able to capture the smallest detail to a director that is able to apply the award winning expertise necessary for bringing out the intelligence, beauty and passion of each detail. New Vibration Media will ensure the transition from script to screen is nothing but spectacular.

Weddings | Beautiful Day. Beautiful Production.

From the moment the first guest arrive to the moment the Bride and Groom journey towards their honeymoon, every smile, every moment, must be captured in perfect clarity. New Vibration Media ensures such clarity by providing you with everything from Top Professionals to State of the Art Equipment. We’ll make sure that every time you view your recorded special moment you’ll experience the Joy and Satisfaction of knowing you’ve entrusted the importance of your special day to professionals that care enough to make sure it is just as perfect as you and your Love One envisioned it.

Short Films | Concise, Yet Informative…

Short Films need to be just as informative, intriguing and enjoyable as a full length features with the only difference being the length of time it takes to professionally convey the their message. A good Director is able to work with the delicate balance of knowing when to expand on certain aspects of the script and when to summarize them. New Vibration Media is proud to have such a director along with a production crew that is able to accomplish this for every client work with. Give us a call to discuss the options we have available for ensuring your Short Film conveys all of the time, effort and talent you placed within.

Broadcasting Services | Professionalism & Quality

The ability to keep your audience intrigued by the information you Broadcast over the air waves (video/audio) is largely influenced by the audience’s connection towards the broadcast message. This ability lies within the skill level of the production company to keep live-broadcast free from interference and error as well as to produce pre-recorded broadcast messages in a manner that maintains a feeling of being “live” and current. New Vibration Media has excelled at such a skill level. Give us call to begin taking advantage of package options that will enable your message reaches a wide range of public and/or private sectors with clarity and precision.

Commercials | Reach Your Viewers. Turn Them Into Customers.

There is an marketing rule that states if the Mission, the Product and the Service can’t be conveyed in _._ seconds, then its probably not worth conveying. That’s because _._ seconds is the average commercial run-time and within that time frame the consumer should be able to relate to your company’s Mission, recognize the need for your Product and be ready and willing to enlist your unique Service. New Vibration Media understands this concept and what we’ve done for previous clients we will accomplish for you’re company. That’s our Mission, our Product and our unique Service.

Documentaries | Movie-Like Enjoyability.

New Vibration Media understands that a documentary is a broad category of visual expressions that is based on the attempt, in one fashion or another, to document reality. Although “documentary film” originally referred to movies shot on film stock, New Vibration can subsequently expand it to include video and digital productions while we make some footage look like they were shot 75 years ago or they were shot on film and also can be either direct-to-video or for a television series.