Meet the Director

Dalex Saint-Jean

Perseverance. Precision. Passion.

Dalex Saint-Jean has established himself as one of the world’s most successful directors in the last 11 years. Over the years, his directing skills have sparked international interest with over 15 awards and 100’s of television appearances. Short Films, Music Videos, Commercials, Weddings, TV Spots. Dalex Saint-Jean has directed thousands of advertising campaigns such as Coca-Cola, DSTV, Fox Sports, and numerous music videos, and Television Shows. His directing skills made a legendary mark on the world of directing that placed him in high demand as one of the most important directors in the industry.

Dalex Saint-Jean received a Bachelor Degree in Digital Film Making from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) with an emphasis in Project Management from Kaplan University. Dalex took his inherit creative talent and applied it while training under some of the most successful directors such as Peter Langone, Michael Bay, Joe Delsordo, etc…

Dalex’s sense of directing and love for cinematography lives with him every day and when one meets Dalex, most would describe him as a benevolent, highly focused, and creative masterpiece. His charming and eccentric personality can be likened to that of a comedic performer with a confidence that radiates through his ability to connect with everyone who steps on his Video Studio, a place where the most comfortably calls home.